Regulatory & Compliance Analyst

Regulatory & Compliance Analysts need to perform the following duties:

· Coordinate and document Internal Regulatory processes such as Internal Audits, Registrations, License Renewal, and Inspections.

· Plan, Direct, and Coordinate activities of an Organization to ensure compliance with Federal and State Ethical and Regulatory Standards.

· Develop, Implement, and Enforce policies & Stored procedures that keep a company’s products, processes, and physical sites operating in a legal & ethical manner.

· Create spreadsheets and reports, analyze data, and sample for compliance

· Verify Prescriptions for correct drug name, strength, direction, DAW Codes, date is written, Prescriber name, and associated NPI/DEA and to make sure all state and federal prescription requirements are met

· Updating Inventories for regular and controlled medicines every 6 months and assisting in returning the medications in a legal way

· Help uncover unnecessary costs to the insurance system by taking a close look at billing practices that include billing units, refill practices, overrides, partial fill procedures, package size selection, and proof of documentation. If the following self-audit steps reveal potential overpayments, the self–audit guidelines explain the steps that must be followed.

· Monitor and Evaluate FDA enforcement activities including 483s, warning letters and EIRs (Establishment Inspection report)

· Monitor quality and compliance regulations impacting overall stokes operations to quickly identify appropriate actions to take to position stokes pharmacy for continued compliance

· Serve as a resource for all external third-party payer audits, gathering information, as appropriate, to ensure prompt and enough response.

Bachelor’s Degree required in Drug regulatory affairs or Public Administration or Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Science or Pharmaceutics

Pharmacy Manager

Pharmacy Manager Responsibilities:

- Overseeing sales assistants, cashiers, shelf stockers, and other pharmacy employees.

- Preparing drugs and executing prescription orders for collection or delivery.

- Ordering pharmacy supplies and controlling the inventory on a daily basis.

- Enforcing best practice protocols when storing prescription drugs and controlled substances.

- Maintaining an approved drug and controlled substances list and verifying expiry dates.

- Monitoring product displays and shelves, as well as the general appearance of the pharmacy.

- Addressing customers' requests and complaints.

- Appointing and training new pharmacy employees and scheduling shifts.

- Oversees the operations of the pharmacy department

- Ensure the pharmacy complies with federal and state regulations

- Communicate effectively with customers relating to queries and issues

- Ensure staff provide high standards of customer service to customers

- Assist in the onboarding process of new hires


- A bachelor's degree in business administration, or an equivalent qualification preferred

- Demonstrable experience in a managerial capacity at a pharmacy.

- In-depth knowledge of the pharmacological uses and side effects of prescription drugs and controlled substances.

- Advanced knowledge of protocols regulating the safe storage of prescription drugs and controlled substances.

- Exceptional communication skills in advising customers and managing employees.

- Ability to proactively follow up any irregularities with scripts processed at the pharmacy.

- Competency in pharmacy management software, such as RxMaster Pharmacy System.

- Excellent written and verbal communication skills.